I’m Ollie, welcome to my site – a dumping ground of weird projects.

My projects nearly always revolve around building or repairing something. Usually repairing the plane I’ve just crashed. Or rebuilding the bike I shouldnt have bought.

I’m interested in obscure motorcycles, in particular split singles – see the relevant pages for the project diary about the re-commissioning of an Italian Iso 125.

As for model aircraft, the weirder the better. About half of my models are far too complicated, and some dont fly at all. In previous years I’ve entered the BMFA payload challenge, with reasonable success until 2019, where I entered a massively complicated design which didnt really work.

This site is still under construction – updating it is certainly something that seems to slip down the priority list, so please check back occasionally

Latest update – details about a pico-scale Archimedes screw turbine (A university project)

Previous site updates

10/04/2022 TS 125 sport build log added. 12v conversion page updated

29/08/2022 MZ TS 125 Sport build log updated. Final update on that as the bike is now sold. Puch SVS 175 restoration log added